Welcome to my Website and somewhat contentious Blog

Use the Menu link to access my Blog which addresses many of the bad things happening in our societies that could be put right with a little thought if people would only take the time to think for themselves.

I also write about my writing – especially if I am about to release a book into the world. The Blog is moderated, so comments from people who have actually read the posts and who comment on the points I am making will take time to appear. The countless others are deleted.

Use this link below to visit my writing website:

Keith Gascoigne – author-epublisher

which also includes my personal interests: travel, places of interest, interesting people with something valuable to say to humanity if humanity bothers to listen – among other things.

My On the Beach at Findhorn ebook is available now on Smashwords.


Full details and a free sample of around 20% are on my writing website, on the ‘On the Beach at Findhorn’ book page.

My Travels in Turkey ebook will be available very soon, from Smashwords. There is a free sample of around 20% on my writing website, on the ‘Travels in Turkey’ book page.



This is a new WordPress theme (for me) – Syntax – and I quite like the simplicity and the uncluttered, clean look of it. However, it can have a slight glitch on some computer systems. If you are viewing on a large screen and reduce or enlarge the browser window then the menu button can stop working. Refreshing the page will cure this.


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