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‘Our leaders, businessmen and politicians, whose daily actions contribute to disaster, will not understand the fundamental truth because it condemns them.’  (Carlo Suares, 1892 - 1976)

A few thoughts on Brexit

It seems to me that all the talk about Brexit comes from politicians1, ‘leaders’ - some from other countries who threaten us to do what they want our leaders to do - large corporations, multinational companies, BIG business, etc., all prattling on about trade and loss of trade and business and loss of business and BIG MONEY.
However, I see very little about we little people mentioned in all this trumpeting. It seems that our welfare, our health, our work, our families have all been forgotten or dismissed - as is becoming the norm now in our unbalanced society.
I’ll be voting for people, NOT huge corporations with directors abroad, basking in tax havens. I want to see local politicians who will have to be much more accountable to we people of our country. We can still trade with other countries but we need to get our country right first.

1 and now the ubiquitous, vacuous celebrities; believed only by the intellectually-immature.


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